Presentation 1 - Security and Privacy

Project Objectives

For this assignment, you will be providing an oral presentation to your peers in the Computer Networking class.


First, pick a topic that you would like to learn about in depth. The topic must be related to the broader field of computer network security or privacy and have been in the news in 2019 or 2020. The topic should be technical in nature. The completed presentation should be 15 minutes in length and cover content at a technical level appropriate for students majoring in computer science or computer engineering.

Tip: The Security and Privacy News page aggregates current events from a variety of sources.

Tip: The SANS NewsBites newsletters are an excellent source of news on security. Just pick an archive issue at random, and you're almost guaranteed to find an interesting presentation topic within. Be sure to subscribe to stay current in the future!

Once you have picked your topic, write a proposal with the following information:

  • The title of your presentation
  • A 2 paragraph executive summary of the topic you intend to present on
  • At least 3 links providing technical reference material on the selected topic


After your project proposal is approved, read more about your chosen topic and understand it in detail. Then, prepare your presentation. You should provide enough detail and background information such that your peers (other students in the class) are able to understand and appreciate your presentation. The presentation length should be 15 minutes. You should provide 7-9 PowerPoint slides to convey useful figures and diagrams. Some of your peers are visual learners, not auditory learners, and will better appreciate your presentation by viewing a figure instead of listening to your words.

Recorded Video

Submit a video of your oral presentation with the supporting slides.

For the recorded presentation, don't use the most rudimentary method - pointing your phone camera vaguely towards your laptop screen and hitting record. There are myriad screen recorder applications that, combined with a microphone, will produce high quality visuals and audio. Or if you want to get fancy, something like Open Broadcaster Software Studio has a lot of power.

Peer Review

Every presentation will be reviewed by 3 of your classmates (randomly assigned) through a Canvas assignment that is due after presentations are submitted. Peer reviews are anonymous.

Selected Topics

  • Adams, Claryse - Cybersecurity Threat to Hospitals
  • Audije, Patrick - TBD
  • Aung, Phone Myat - Heuristic Analysis in Detecting and Analyzing Virus
  • Chatterjee, Bikram - Deepfakes: The Reality of the New Unreality
  • Erck, Austin - Social Media and Section 230
  • Ghantous, Alexander - End-to-end Encryption
  • Green, Kevin - Memory Exploit of Cisco‚Äôs IOS XR
  • Jewell, Greg - It Works, Now How Legal Is It? (Legal and privacy implications for application developers)
  • Khan, Omhier - IoT Vulnerability Risks
  • Kmak, Michael - TLS - Transport Layer Security
  • Loo, Jason - 2 Former Twitter employees charged with spying for Saudi Arabia
  • Menor, Allen - Cloud Networking with SD-WAN
  • Ney, Brandon - Vulnerability: The Demise of Flash and The Rise of HTML5
  • Pinnamaneni, Nitin - Top Security Vulnerabilities Warned by NSA
  • Sordello, Andrew - Phishing Attacks: Downfall of Large Companies Such as Wipro
  • Vanderpool, Andrew - Spread of Misinformation & Disinformation
  • Vicevich, Dereck - TikTok Security
  • Wilborn, Jacob - End to End Encryption: Zoom
  • Wong, Henry - The simplicity and dangers of SQL injection attacks
  • Wu, Kenny - Ransomware
  • Young, Davis - Trickbot: Defending the US Election
  • Yu, Stanley - Why are web browsers removing Adobe Flash?


Proposal (10 pts)

  • Executive summary of topic - 5 pts
  • Reference links with technical information - 5 pts

Presentation (80 pts)

  • Communication Effectiveness - 30 pts
    • Sequencing of Information
    • Effectiveness
    • Use of Graphics
    • Text - Font choice and formatting
    • Spelling and Grammar
    • Delivery
  • Technical Content - 50 pts
    • Technical content accuracy
    • Technical content depth

Peer Review (10 pts)

  • Completion of 3 peer reviews


Submit all files to the Canvas CMS site.

There will be separate Canvas assignments for:

  1. Proposal
  2. Presentation Video (link or .mp4 upload)
  3. Presentation Slides (PDF or PPTX)